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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FIRST Football On-line store: Opens Tuesday, May 14th and closes Sunday, May 19th.

Football Store RE-OPENS for a few days in early August with SELECT ITEMS to accommodate players who move in or move up.

Coach Allen considers EVERY junior and senior a Varsity player.
Like seniors, ALL JUNIORS are assigned a Varsity number AND entitled to purchase player/ parent APPAREL, SIGNS, DECALS, and BUTTONS. Sophomores and Freshman playing on JV Blue or Friday night Varsity have the same privilege. Coach Allen emphasizes UNITY among all Scot football players.


Why two numbers?  If your son plays on Thursday nights,he MAY have a different number from his assigned varsity number. It could vary between home and away games. When ordering optional personalized clothing, you will have the option of choosing the “Varsity # only”, “Number and Name”, or “No number.”


Don’t know your son’s number? No worries. Final rosters are submitted by coaches and orders are checked and edited if necessary before production begins.


Why is it important to check for proper sizing?

Sizing varies with brands with some requiring a tighter fit.   REMEMBER: your son will grow over the summer; if it is a close fit now, consider ordering a larger size for fall.


Where and when are samples available for sizing?

Tuesday, May 14th at the parent meeting..


Why order additional game day shirts? Having two shirts can prevent the frantic search for a lost shirt or frantic laundering! It is NOT a requirement, only a convenience.


Can I use last year’s NAVY game day shirts?

NO, the navy numbered shirt has a new slogan every year. This is a player only shirt.


Can I use last year’s WHITE OXFORD game day shirt? YES, the oxford remains the same. Make sure it fits! This is a player only shirt.


What must I do to avoid additional costs? MEET THE DEADLINES! Remember siblings and extended family members. “Onesie” requests after deadlines may be honored, but with an additional $40 charge per item.


All sales are final. Items are customized for football; NOT available in the Scot shop.


When will I receive my clothing order? Work-out clothes in June; others in late July.


What if I have two sons playing? Two numbers can be put together on polos and caps. Mom’s jerseys can have one number on the front and the other number on the back.


Who do I contact with any questions? Mollie Halpin at molliehalpin@hotmail.com


Where to Order?   Buttons and Photos: www.hpsports.zenfolio.com